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So, what about Sun Sun?

Contacted by Sun Sun, I received a selection of their products from the cosmetic line and self-tanning lines. As I absolutely loved them, I thought I would share with you my thoughts about each of the ones I have had the opportunity to try. Yes there are big brands that everybody knows but there are also other ones, that we don’t talk about nearly enough and it’s a shame because some of them are real gems. To me, this is the case for Sun Sun.

First, let’s talk about the cosmetic line. Before using any beauty products, I would recommend to make sure you have scrubbed your skin in the last 7 days to get rid of your the dead layer of skin. The effects of the products you will use will then be even more beneficial. Sun Sun Wonder Scrub is probably my favorite scrub not only because it is very soft thanks to the microsphere of bamboo but also because it is very practical as it can be used for the face or the body.

I loved the Simil Botox. As you may know, hydrating your skin (combined with drinking a lot of water) is truly important.  It’s a daily comfort let’s say. I love the soft texture, and I really like that it instantly penetrates your skin and leaves it dry immediately even though it is rich and very nourishing. As I am not a very patient person, I really like that. It’s been one month that I’ve been applying Simil Botox by Sun Sun every morning or even in the evening – and I have seen my skin becoming clearer and softer. My mom, whose skin needs to be a bit more hydrated than mine, has become a fan of Simil Botox and is also using it regularly. Victim of their own success, Simil Botox can only be ordered by direct email for now:

Before going to sleep, I alternated between the Acid Hyaluronic and the Collagen serums. Highly penetrating, you only need to apply a drop for it to get into your skin. Extremely fresh, they both left an incredible effect on my face and clearly minimized my wrinkled and fine lines by filling them. As you can imagine, it will never replace surgery but it’s a great compromise. Apply it on the face and neck for effectiveness.

Another key product to give your skin a summery look is the Rapid Bio Spray. This is definitely the best self-tanning spray I have ever used. One of the main ingredients is aloe vera which has the power to hydrate the skin, especially when they have been burned. Malva and Calendula plants are two anti-ageing ingredients that are contained in the bottle What else can we ask for? Well, Rapid Bio Spray is also amazing because it evolves gradually and adapts to your skin color. On the contrary of other products, the tanning does not come instantly. As Rapid Bio Spray does not contain pigments but is bio, you would probably need, just as me, to use it several days in a row to get the natural summery color you want. But to be honest, having experienced colors I did not want to in the past because of bad tanning products, I now prefer to play it safe and renew the spray a little bit more to slowly go where I want to. One day, I came at work and my colleagues asked me where I was in vacation so the natural effect I was looking for was apparently very effective. Some of them are now also using and loving it so why not try it youself?

You can imagine that with this amazing cosmetic Sun Sun association, the skin is soft, renewed, clear and filled but most importantly, it does not hurt. Why? Because it’s 100% moisturized.

As you may have understood, I completely validate Sun Sun. And even if I don’t use all the products every day, I find that it’s a line of products which is perfectly adapted to the ones who want to be naturally beautiful.

For more details, don’t hesitate to consult the website and order directly online.

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