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Taking a mind and body retreat with Anahataflow in a magnificent Villa of the French Riviera

Imagine a place where you can focus on you.

You’re in the middle of nature, yet spoiled with the beauty of a villa similar to a Tuscan castle and a wonderful hospitality. You’re relaxing during one of the wellness workshops, breathing or meditating to the songs of birds and surrounded by green hills and blossoming gardens. After a yoga session, jump right into the refreshing swimming pool, watching the colorful landscape as your healthful ayurvedic meals are almost ready to be served.

Welcome to Anahataflow retreat, a luxurious getaway in the heart of the charming South of France.

We all have dreams but it’s sometimes hard to define the needs and objectives, overcome the blockages, to fulfill them.

Anahataflow retreat, at Villa Carmella

The dreamingly beautiful Château Anahataflow is located in the perfume city of Grasse, home of the perfume industry that is built on the side of a hill inland from the coast of the French Riviera.

Although Anahataflow might be a difficult word to pronounce, its meaning sums up the concept perfectly. Anahataflow is a holistic way to activate your self-healing powers based on three essential pillars of Ayurveda: aimed breathing (Pranayama), healthy eating and living as well as Yoga and meditation.

When I arrived at Villa Carmella, I immediately understood why Anahataflow decided to settle here. Everything from the outside, and the inside of the villa, the garden, the pool is perfect to opening up the senses and focus on what really matters. It is a magical and powerful place with an ideal ambience to rediscover one ‘s inner world and find new inspiration.

Anahataflow is not a hotel, it’s not just a place to stay, it is a paradise where you will reset your mind, body, soul and once you pass the door and leave, revive.

The Vedic Guide

The Vedic Guide, Magali Mazzei, is one of the few who is “certified Vedic Educator”. After years of intensive training on Pranayama, Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation, she decided to create a peaceful place where anyone can find its inner self. Harmony and renewal through the solving of blockades are at the focus of her workshops.

The Aanahataflow experience

Anahataflow is more than a retreat or a place to rest your head at night. Anahataflow helps you achieve balance in your life.

My personal thoughts are that attending one day with Anahataflow was one of the best experience because it was the beginning of a change in my life.

Magali Mazzei has helped me absorb a new way of thinking that is – once you know it – very simple to adopt.

The first rule is you should always do things in accordance with your inner self. It’s great to be happy and do things with passion but it’s also ok to disagree and say it. The main person who creates blockages in your body, in your head and suffers from it, is you. The idea is to accept and transform the bad in good. To manage to do that, Anahataflow will help you through:

  • Conscious breathing : how to positively influence our wellbeing through breathing
  • Nutrition: once you know your Ayurvedic body constitution (dosha-analysis), you’ll be advised a balanced nutrition program
  • Yoga: being aware of our goals and how to reach them
  • Meditation: special meditation techniques to remain well-balanced even in difficult situations

The ayurvedic food principles

At Anahataflow, ayurvedic food is one of the focus. This approach to health will allow you to become a balanced, vital, happy person with the least amount of effort. You have a specific body type (or dosha) and thanks to specific food and beverages, it will benefit not only your body but also your mental and emotional wellbeing.

My Anahataflow experience

In only one day, I really fell in love with this amazing body, spirit and soul model and was sad to leave Villa Carmella. As soon as I left, I decided to adopt some of what I had learnt from this wonderful journey in my life. Since then, I feel much less stressed.

I pay more attention into doing things in accordance with myself; when something is wrong, I simply say it and try to solve the problem using good energies instead of trying effortlessly with bad ones. I also take more time to relax through meditation. Globally, I feel much more balanced in my life and even though I am not a yogi master yet, Anahataflow surely brought a beneficial change in my daily routine.

As soon as I can, I will definitely return to Anahataflow because it is a way of life that I want to use more and more. I hope that you get to experience it, too.

Oh, and Magali also has an adorable dog who is a real sweetheart. You’ll fall in love with this cute little teddy bear!

Plan your Anahataflow retreat

Either you are already aware of Ayurveda or not, Anahataflow is an amazing experience directed to beginners or more experienced people.

To start, I would recommend the 1-day workshop. From 10am to 6pm, Magali will be your Ayurveda life guide and help you discover and unfold your full potential (216€).

You can also take the 3-day workshop during which you will learn to breath consciously, the essentials of the Ayurvedic diet and life style and discover the beneficial effects of Yoga and meditation.

Telephone : +33 4 93 43 64 39

Website :



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