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Make a date with nature in one of the cutest European city: Innsbruck

Innsbruck was more of an experience than I ever imagined. Any length of the city is surrounded by the pristine natural landscape, offering its visitors an instant feeling of happiness, relaxation and it really does wonders to the soul.

Capital of the Alps, Innsbruck is an adventure hotspot for summer or winter holidays, not only for sport fans but also for the ones seeking culture, nightlife and lifestyle experience. I will then share with you some of the top spots not to miss when you head to this Insta-perfect city.

Enjoy the best panoramic view at Seegrube

During my 48 hours in the city, I started with the must-see spot, Seegrube which is located at an altitude of 6,250 ft. in the mountains and can easily be reached directly from the city with the 8-minutes funicular. It’s the perfect place to relax, unwind and take in nature at its very best. I really enjoyed what I could see, especially because it was a spectacular point of view to make wonderful pictures. The mountains are a huge part of what makes Innsbruck home for many residents and you should definitely experience it while you are there.

Wander in the old town of Innsbruck

The old city centre of Innsbruck is one of the most amazing Gothic and Baroque town in Europe and will make you feel as if you had taken a trip back in time to an era of knights and medieval merchants. Since my time in Innsbruck was only a weekend, the Old Town was a must-do. I had seen lots of cute cities up to now, but I was seriously blown away by the special charm and sophistication of medieval houses, many painted in lively pastel colours and supported by sloping buttresses. You could spend two entire days just walking around and enjoying the architecture

I had some great hours wandering in the streets and we got lucky with the sunny weather, which not only was perfect for exploring but also gave us a great chance to take nice pictures of the Golden Roof and its 2,738 gold-plated copper tiles as well as churches. Between the main cathedral, the Roman – Catholic Spitalskirche one and Servitenkirche, I could not choose which one is my favourite and yet, I am not catholic.

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Explore the Swarovski museum

Either you are a fan of museums or not and like crystal or not, you need to stop and take some time to appreciate the beauty of the Swarovski museum. Situated in a small town (Wattens) near Innsbruck., it was constructed in 1995 when “Swarovski” Crystal Company was celebrating its 100th anniversary. Once you enter in the huge underground cave under a hill giant with glowing eyes, you will discover what I would call the ultimate crystal world made of 7 dark rooms. You will first discover some crystal art pieces made by Salvador Dali and Keith Haring before entering the Crystal Dome, where you feel like you’ve stepped inside a crystal with 590 facets surrounding you, in brief a real kaleidoscope – the best place for selfie enthusiastic! Apparently, you could even get married in this room… Think about it sparkling lovers. You can see many masterpieces made of crystals as well as a fabulous garden thought by Austrian musician Emil Berliner. He has translated the primarily visual effects of crystal masterfully into sounds and musical tones to create an exciting sound installation. On the path to the Giant, the sounds become more intense and combine with natural sounds such as soft birdsong and raindrops to create an almost spiritual atmosphere, bringing a unique perspective to visitors’ sensory perception.

Spend an evening with Innsbruck’s most gifted yodelling family

I know it might sound very a very touristic thing to do but this was actually really entertaining. The Gundolf family represents Innsbruck and Tyrolean Music around the world and organizes Tyrolean evenings including the best folk performances including music, dances and “shoe-slapping” and the famous Austrian “yodelling”. If you have time, take 1.30 hour to have that fun. They will even sing the anthem of your country at the end of the show. You can choose to have a drink or diner.

Sleep at – the almost as old as Innsbruck – Hotel Schwarzer Adler

The Schwarzer Adler hotel is the embodiment of the century-long hotel history of Innsbruck. This boutique hotel was once the sanctuary for emperors and kings and is now famous worldwide and it’s easy to understand why. A quiet getaway in the centre of the cute city, it’s probably one of Innsbruck’s most historic hotel.

While hotel Schwarzer Adler’s Swarovski spa and suite style gets all the attention, the entire place, that has been run by the Ultsch family since 5 generations, is incredible. From chilling on the rooftop terrace while taking in view Innsbruck and the mountains surrounding it to enjoying a special private dinner in a historic cable car gondola, you have to stay at this place if you are in Innsbruck.

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