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Senses wellbeing retreat: the ultimate rest you need

In the middle of spring, I have participated in a tranquil one-day retreat for the body and mind organized by Senses by Keah. My objective was to exercise my body softly while calming my mind and learning new tips to take care of myself.

Spring is the perfect time to boost the liver, spleen and digestive system so this one day retreat in the middle of nature was right in time to detox and disconnect from work or home stresses. 

As Keah recommended in her email sent a few days before the retreat (which was very helpful), I packed everything I wanted to bring with me in advance to have a clear mind, tried to eat healthy the days before, thought about my goals for this special day and went to bed early the night before in order to wake up in a good mood!

The retreat was located in a lovely place 30 minutes away from Nice but far enough to forget about the city life, as the only thing our group could see was nature. I instantly felt elsewhere, ready to cut with my routine and enthusiast about the upcoming activities.

The retreat started perfectly with freshly squeezed fruit juices and teas. They were all delicious!

We then went on our mats for our first class where we practiced cardio Pilates and learnt a Qigong practice that increases the ability to sense and project the energy, including a 10 minute recharge that can be used after workouts, a stressful day, or when your energy runs down.

The first session was followed by a lovely lunch where a choice of only organic fresh vegetables were proposed. We could create our own plate with what we wanted to eat. Personally, I was craving everything and even served myself twice since it was so good and tasty!

We then had time to relax with a tailor-made massage and foot reflexology. Indeed, Keah is not only a wonderful yoga and Pilates teacher but also an expert in foot reflexology. You may already know it but it can solve emotional and body pains. The first time Keah gave me a session, she managed to heal my period pain for the month after and I really felt a difference, she boosted my immune system by making the weak parts of my body stronger and globally balanced right what was wrong.

After this resting time well deserved, we all went back to our mats for a yoga class which was oriented to preserve the energy and boost the body system.

During each class, I truly appreciated the fact that no matter the level, everyone could cope just fine. Somme beginners were attending and Keah helped them understand that they could manage perfectly working out at their own pace and explore their practice in the way that best suited them.

The classes were all about treating our bodies with kindness. Besides, the pain I felt in my back and leg from a few weeks disappeared after this dreamy day. It worked well!

To conclude the day perfectly, Keah planned a sound bath session. It was the epitome of relaxation for the body and mind before going home.

Thanks to this special day, I recharged my batteries through nature, yoga, meditation, moments of silence and care for myself. As seeing the positive effect of Keah’s retreat on myself, my next objective is to live a longer one while keeping in mind that the idea is to take care of myself instead of punishing my body with dreading and challenging workouts.

We also got the chance to leave with a goodie bag full of amazing products including Holidermie, Deliciously Ella, Facetheory and Pukka, to continue taking care of ourselves once at home.

You can follow Keah on Instagram and read her website to book a reflexology session or follow her next retreat.

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