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My Vitae Juice Detox

Coming back from a weekend of food delights with a few more kilos and the feeling of being heavy… It was the perfect time to revert to my good habits. When I was delivered a bag by a handsome guy with my 3 weeks cleanse I was ready to reboot my body! In this bag were 18 bottles of Vitae Juice, a 100% organic cleanse program. I was very excited to try it.

Most of the time, detox are made of food or drinks you are not really attracted by. To me, the first secret of a successful detox is to choose a one that will suit you. For example, if you choose to drink artichoke soup when you hate vegetables and / or artichokes, this is the best way to fail. Vitae Juice seemed the best option. Even though I am not addicted to juices, I like them. I love fruits and I try to eat healthy. Vitae Juice also seemed to me the healthiest solution: including all that the body needs and made of fresh and organic fruits / vegetables.

Vitae Juice is made of cold-pressed, unpasteurized and functional juices. They are even locally produced and handmade. Founded by a Scandinavian couple with a masters degree in food science, their vision is to bring a naturally healing product to the table in a world where pills and medicine are slowly becoming the solution to everything. They believe that the body, in most circumstances, is able to heal itself if given the right tools to do so. This can be seen as pushing the reset button of your body. A kickstart.

The purpose of the cleanse is to give the system a break while at the same time flooding it with nutrients. When the stomach is empty, the uptake of the nutrients is much higher and therefore this is the ultimate boost. Some of the benefits people normally experience after a cleanse is weight loss, glowing skin, much more energy, a clearer mind, less cravings, and a will to continue with a healthier lifestyle.

Determined, I exclusively drank 6 juices a day. To be totally clear, I did not eat anything solid and only drank water and green tea on the side. That’s what you need to do if you really want to feel the efficiency of the cleanse. Vitae Juice is not a miracle product that will make you lose 3 kilos all of a sudden! You need to do it properly if you expect results.

Becoming slimmer was not my first goal. I wanted to detoxify and come back to good dietary habits, give it the good vitamins and nutrients it needs, feel healthier and give a boost to my skin. My problem is that every time I eat too much, drink more than 2 glass of alcohol and on top of that don’t do sport and sleep too little hours, my all body and skin suffers from it.


The juices

Every day during three days, a variety of juices are to drink:

As soon as you wake up, the Black Lemonade juice is the waiting for you. Very easy to drink, it is very powerful, notably because it’s made of charcoal. This ingredient is a natural remedy to trap toxins and chemicals in the body. It then allows them to be flushed out. A great start to the day.

Mid-morning, it’s time to go for Red Velvet. This juice is made of beetroot, grapefruit, mint and turmeric. Beetroot can help you perform by increasing oxygen flow to the muscles while grapefruit and beetroot can have a positive effect on high blood pressure. This juice is overflowing with antioxidants, and we already know what that means right? Stunning skin!

Noon and still not hungry. I did not even remember I had to drink another juice! I’m drinking my Green crisp juice. Glowing skin, stronger nails, better hair, all of that is possible thanks to this juice. The vitamins A and C will take care of that. How about better iron uptake? Stronger immune system? Less chance of getting inflammations? Green crisp is extra rich in vitamins and minerals. Celery and lime compliments each other while kiwi contributes with sweetness.

In the afternoon, I continue with the Orange zing juice. It is a bit sweeter but bursted with nutrients. Easy, effective and delicious. this juice is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids which will boost your immune system and contribute to dazzling skin. Oh, and the chili, let’s not forget the chili! Not only will it make your body burn more calories but it also reduces appetite.

Green power: You’re probably familiar with the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. There is some truth to this. Apples are proved to improve neurological health, which prevents diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. This juice contains parsley which received the one of the highest nutrient density scores by American food authorities. That is quite amazing. Kale is very rich in manganese, Vitamin A, E, C, K and antioxidants. The super food parsley contributes to purifying your blood, alkalize your body, form new blood cells and much more. This juice gives you everything you need and a little extra.

Every day, I kept the Nut Milk for when I was craving some food. It’s my favorite juice of them all. It’s basically the daily treat. The coconut and vanilla sweet taste is really nice. It’s a bit thick so I almost felt like if I was eating. Made of alkaline water, almonds, coconut, dates and vanilla, this juice combats the hunger and its essential fatty acids aid in the uptake of fat soluble vitamins.

Globally, the taste of the juices is delicious. Between fruits, vegetables and sweetness, it was a real pleasure to drink them. Most of the time, I am full of energy so I don’t know if it really had an impact on that side on me but I did not feel tired at all.

A very good point, even though I was kind of scared at first, is that I was almost never hungry. Maybe it is completely unconscious from me – I was helped by the hot weather which did not really make me want to eat fat food – but it was even more pleasant to drink a fresh and cold juice! On that note, I recommend the first Vitae Juice during summer time as it’s probably the easiest time of the year to do it. It’s only three days guys, just make a little effort of you want results J

Another great thing from the detox is that during the 3 days and even after, I slept like a baby! Probably because I had 0 heaviness feeling and my body felt like it had everything it needed: nothing more, nothing less.

To tell you all, I was very satisfied about Vitae Juice detox. I really felt like my body was naturally purified.

Easily, I lost almost 2 kilos but I have to say I ate so much the three days before that the fact being healthy again probably helped my body get rid of the fat more than usual.

I was already eating healthy before the detox but as promised, my stomach deflated and my skin is doing great. No doubt, this is because of Vitae Juice. Hydrating your body is the best thing to do to get a nice face.

I truly believe that including Vitae Juice to your daily life is great and can be done by everybody, especially the ones who are not tempted by a cleanse.

Note that outside of the cleanse, you can order the number of juices you want online or directly by phone: +33 7 81 05 22 09. You can also subscribe to monthly, twice a month and weekly Vitae Juice cures.

I know that the cure/detox concept can be cary but I would never recommend it if I would have struggled to manage it and thought it was good for you.

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