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Zeades, Monaco’s jewelry designer inspired by the French Riviera

During the summer, I had the pleasure to discover the amazing jewelry brand Zeades. I wore them all summer long and decided to interview the designer. Read below to know more about where the inspiration came from. 

Sum up Zeades DNA in five words.

French Riviera inspired designer jeweler creating watches and accessories.

How did Monaco and French Riviera inspire you?

French Riviera is a colorful region, full of (sparkling) light ALL YEAR long!
The light is the most striking thing to me! The deep blue of the sea creates “openness” on many levels.
There is also a constant combination of vibrating events while offering relaxing cocoon spots all along the Riviera coast.

Who is the woman who wears your jewelries?

A fashion conscious woman (not fashion victim), with affirmed, wearing designer jewellery with confidence and conviction.
Versatile women are even more seduced by our lines, since the Amaranth Red leather pieces gives them a different attitude from the Timeless taupe ones, or again from the Graphic Black, or French Rose… The different atmospheres of the (color) lines answer the mood of the day.

What kind of pieces can men find at Zeades?

Cuff links and Watches are many men’s favorites, last years doubled though by bracelets, which men now like women, like to stack generously.  Our bracelets come in many leather versions, classy stitched, sporty braided, from bold male sizes to very fine size of 2/3mm only.

What is your most popular piece right now?

The new line GALETS is a hit.  The sautoir (long necklace) is a real statement piece, whereas the close-to-the-skin bracelet GALET Petit seems to seduce about everyone.

What do you particularly put attention to when creation your designs?

Subtly surfing the fashion waves, and some I spice up with one of our soft or striking color points, to give them an extra “edge”. They should reinforce how we are and what wefeel, and last but not least : comfortable to wear.

Who would you love to see wear one of your pieces?

Cate Blanchett

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