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6 Reasons why you should have The Maldives on your travel bucket list

1. Pack your luggage and go, there is no visa needed!

When you plan to travel, one of the first questions you would ask yourself is “do I need to get a visa”? Obviously, it depends where you are from but sometimes getting this piece of paper can be a nightmare. Well for The Maldives, the answer is “no” so keep calm and don’t worry about having this travelling pass in time to pass customs! The Maldives are about peace and you get this feeling as soon as you start organizing your vacation!

2. Experience a seaplane flight

The all Maldivian experience starts with the seaplane flight. Choose one of the 15 seats on this small plane and fasten your seatbelt. Your senses will be mesmerized as soon as you take off from the sea to the sky thanks to Trans Maldivian Airways, the ultimate getaway to the stunning Maldives. During the entire flight, enjoy the turquoise seascapes of the Maldives, which is certainly one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Don’t be surprised if you do not see a proper runway until touchdown as the seaplane will land in the middle of the Indian ocean. Quite a surprising experience when it happens for the first time!

3. Experience true paradise

As soon as you land at your island resort, you will be amazed by your surroundings. With transparent lagoon waters surging gently against isolated stretches of pristine white sand, each Atoll of The Maldives is a peaceful sanctuary making you feel like you’re a world away from your habits. The Maldives are ideal for peaceful-atmosphere seekers who are ready to dive into an oasis of relaxation made up of a vibrant sea life, pure breeze and delicious cocktails on the beach.

4. Water sport delights

Known as the preferred destination of all passionate divers, The Maldives is the top destination to take a good breath, plunge deep and take some quality time to explore some of the best underwater activities in the world. Swim between soft and hard coral reef, colourful fishes, manta rays, baby white sharks, turtles and other underwater life. And if you would rather stay on the sea, choose between many ocean adventures such as sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, deep sea fishing, dolphin watching, boating to unique beaches accessible only by sea and so much more.

5. Fall in love again and again

In 80% cases, you would have gone to The Maldives with the person you love and once there, you will fall in love again and again with him/her. This endless blue right in front of you and in the sky, this no-stress atmosphere and no watch on your arm will make you focus on the positive side of life and you will want to share it with your lover. And well, if you don’t fall in love with the person you’re travelling with in The Maldives, then I am sorry to say it, but you will never do. Take it as an occasion to come back with the love of your life!

6. Luxury

From the love of the environment to the passion for exclusive experiences, most of the Maldivian resorts will leave long-lasting memories to their guests. Traditional water houses decorated with modern designs, 5-star service and amazing food delights, The Maldives reflect a luxury you will for sure miss once back home. In the middle of an awe-inspiring azure spectacle, hotels intend to evoke a sense of calm incorporating an uncompromised dedication to crafting the most flawless immersion into an extraordinary escapade. Time is running out so enjoy while you can!
What are you waiting for to embrace the dreamy ever-summer getaway?

My recommendation for you is two wonderful resorts I have had the chance to experience.

• Diamonds Resorts:
• Diamonds Athuruga: / Tel. +960 6680508
• Diamonds Thudufushi: / Tel. +960 6680583

For more information about Trans Maldivian Airways, visit

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